Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ilocos Love - The Resort in Laoag

We stayed in this "resort/hotel" for 2 nights for only 925 pesos per person per night including the free breakfast, affordable right? Although it is kinda old, it is clean, the room is spacious, the bathroom has a tub  and a heater, it also has a pool, a garden, a mini forest, and a lake which i said on my last post my favorite. You can also go fishing for only 75 pesos per person. I must say, it is a hidden paradise at the heart of Laoag City. I know a lot of hotel and resort is far more better than this one, but for a price like that. I surely will stay there if ever i will come back. Oh i forgot to tell you the staff is very kind and very hospitable. 

On the other hand, I don't know why i look so thin in these photos, but yes i love how it turned out. 

the mini forest and the open-space on the way to our room.
 spacious room 

And also, i do not know, how my blog starting to look like a travel blog, now i wonder if i should also post my itinerary, the specific name of the hotel and their contact details or the total expenses for this trip. Do anyone care? oh well. . . let's see on the coming days . . .

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