Thursday, September 29, 2011

NEW IN: Booties Love

When will i be brave enough to wear you, don't get me wrong i dearly love you and i'm so excited to show you off but my dear I live in a city where only few are brave enough to wear a boots, for one it's a tropical country where i live and secondly, i'm a commuter, agaw-attention lang hahaha. Im thinking of selling you tuloy, kasi baka masira ka lang kung tititigan lang kita. Or siguro basta One day, i will find that courage to wear you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

3-day Vacation

I took a 3-day vacation to ilocos last September 1-3, since my sister working from HK is coming home. 

Day 1: taking the flight home. haggard much

Day 2: lounging at home, playing with my tab and getting a lot of sleep, that's after a day at spa

Day 3: playing with the kiddos 

plus the OoTD. dress from sis, shoes from Mags

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Voguely Van Giveaway

Good Morning Wednesday. The first thing that excites me today is these:

super lovely satchel, bangles and a pink ring from Voguely Van giveaway. Oh please my dear Lord let me win, just this time. I never won in any giveaway, sometimes it really gets to me and it felt so depressing, and i end up not joining anymore. But i'l take my chances... so wish me luck.