Friday, April 13, 2012

Ilocos Love - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse & Kapur-purawan Rock

lovely isn't it?
the rocky steps. Be careful
see, how clear the water is?
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Cheesy moment with husband

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is located at Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Do you know that this lighthouse first lit on March of 1892? well, that's what wiki said, but imagine, gosh that was long long time ago, now i wonder is it still operational?, i hope so. Too bad we cannot went all the way up cause it is closed, maybe they are just protecting it from too many tourist.

The Kapur-purawan Rock Formation from the root word puraw or white in english, is also located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. This time we are lucky because as what Kuya Mark, our driver says, the road going their might be closed, but lucky us, they opened it for a day, and i am all smile, but Kuya Mark is warning me that we have to walk for 20-30 minutes, and with that scorching heat, it can be a challenge to walk or stay outside the van even for just a minute, but because i am game for challenges, and i went all the way to ilocos to see what it has to offer, i went in, but because i am with the super kulit friends of mine, it doesn't seem a challenge at all, the walk became a fun and exciting one. The rock itself cannot be touched or get anywhere near it though, because as what the locals says, some of the irresponsible tourist begin destroying the rock, and they think the rock will never last (sad face), I hope my child will have a chance to still see it someday.

P.S. note to some traveler or tourist, please please please let us not do anything to harm such a beautiful place. Be responsible, for the next generation. 

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