Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Boss Birthday 2011

bag and top from ava; black skinny jeans from lee jeans; boots thrifted
This event took place last month, that's how lazy i am to post during those times. sorry for the blurry images, i really regret selling my nikon dslr (sad face). anyways i love that bag, i will take a close-up shot next time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DAY 01: Another day 1

I've been neglecting my supposedly workout time for the previous 3 weeks already, such a bad idea for a heavy eater like me. And, now that i'm not that super crazy busy, i paid for another month subscription and finally yesterday i successfully fought my sleepy head out of bed for gym time, But the sad part is i was not able to document my another day 1 because a forgetful me, forgot my camera at home. But i still want to blog about it. so for the record keeping reason i weight 120 lbs standing 5'2". and will just post this 2 gym looks i forgot to post.

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Rainy Work Day

Finally, I'm back and I'm so back. i miss blogging so much. but i did not miss you guys because i read all your entries, and i envy your shoes & that dress, but i still cant shop im still on the self impose ban. i'm saving for a bonggang bongang year end shopping. I made a list of things i wanna buy just to be inspired to save more, and i am so excited already, but now that i'm not that busy, meaning i have time to hop on every multiply account and shopping sites, let's see if i still can manage to control myself. Okay guys, back to my outfit:
 my booties from figlia
 and what my officemate calls the action star  jacket (thrifted).so .....
we played... i intentionally blur the images because my reaction is funny cause i can't help it, i laugh when i suppose to get serious. hahaha. super laugh trip talaga sa office. and that is Michael the FPJ for the day. and im the robin padilla daw. This is one of the most fun rainy work day.