Monday, March 28, 2011

in Uniform

                 This is my office uniform as of posting date. i been wearing this outfit for i think over a year now, and i'm a little bored about it already, don't get me wrong i like this uniform of all the office uniform i had, but back to this being a boring outfit (already) and i think a girl/woman/lady should always feel good in every “outfit” she wear, specially this is my work attire, I should stop worrying about my outfit and concentrate in my work. I should stay feeling good. Therefore i need a good styling for my everyday attire. So, i bought a new pair of shoes, actually I bought four pair of shoes for this month alone .'will post about it next time.

That is the second shoes.

Pardon the image quality and the dark circles at my eyes, that is how stress at me at work and its last hour of work for a week what can you expect, im so exhausted already.

PS. Thanks to my photographer of the day chel

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My mama should have a lookbook

Isn't she pretty?
This is a tribute to my ever dearest mama. Today is her 51st  birthday.

Dear Mama,
       As a child I'm always been a papa's girl. When im feeling weak, sick and lonely, i always look for my papa, i dont even want you to touch me. I can easily got angry to you for such petty things, im so unfair i dont listen to what you are saying, actually i always block anything you say, back then for me its just one of your "wooshoo". Im such a hard-headed child, i never listen. Back in my Highschool, i got home late, you are with tears and told me "One day you will have a child who will be just like you". 
        Now mama, after many years, i don't have a child but i realize how hard to be a wife, i think to my self how did you survive? how did you survive having us, having me. To be a mother you have to be courageous, and you always are mama, you keep me,you watched over me, i always shoo you away, but still in my every failure, you ran at my side to cheer me up, to keep me warm in a coldest night. For all the mistake i've done, you never look at me ashamed, instead you always believe in me. I  super thank you po for your braveness, to all your sacrifices to be able to keep us safe, for us to be have a better life. I regret those time i wasted, i wished i have been closer to you. Now hopefully its not too late. I want you to know that, I now appreciate every words you told us when we are younger, its so useful. Your exhaustion will not be worthless. I cannot give you anything you don't already have, but i can promise you. i always will live the way you want us to be., i cannot assure every success but in every failure, i'l remember you, i will remember your smile, your voice, you saying "it will be okay. soon". I will try to be brave cause i want you to be proud of me. I love you mama. words are not enough to thank our mother. 
Happy-happy birthday. 

Friday, March 18, 2011


created my account

but please be patient, i'm still learning. (excited much)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Which is Which

I want to buy a house and now i'm confused what to get, a condo unit here in the city or a townhouse in the province. i want them both, but sadly considering my budget i can only get one (for now).

the condo that i wanted:

and the townhouse that i also wanted:

so? want to help me out? which is which? i will appreciate it guys... place your comment. (wink)