Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Gallery Visit

                    My Boss opens a gallery business, and we were  invited to attend the opening night. I planned to wear a cocktail dress plus a new shoes.Unfortunately at the event night itself the storm came, it rained so hard and it wash away my enthusiasm to dress formally cause i don't wanna be soaked up wet and the wind will just  destroys everything (insert sad face here), actually i don't plan to show up at all, but some friends insisted that i should come, just be casual, wear jeans, just be there, so okay, i will pay a quick visit to show support. Here is what i wore:
shirt from ava; jeans by wrangler; wedges by mags; & bracelet  from SM dept. store
 if you are interested, leave a comment and i'll tell you more about it.
pichur. pichur. then....go strolling at the nearby mall

okay. that's all for now. my schedule is crazy and i wanna apologize for not posting updates.