Monday, April 9, 2012

On my way to Laoag, with my Sexy white shirt

converse shoes, jansport backpack, feathery necklace, sexy white shirt, random denim shorts

This is what i wore on our way to Laoag.

Yes as simple as this, and this is what i am, simple like that, i think i grew tired of excessorizing or maybe i am just to lazy because it's summer, it's too hot to add additional weight, but i think i am airport ready.
I choose to wear my new sexy white shirt, i felt that i gain a lot of weight lately, and this shirt is my new best friend, its the most comf'table and sexiest shirt, am planing to get another one, in different shade.

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  1. white shirt plus blue necklace is love :DD hope you had fun on your ilocos trip :)) hope you can check out my blog too and hit the follow button :DD thanks