Saturday, April 21, 2012

Re-Blog: The Alarming Boracay Algae

I will interrupt my posting journal  from my ilocos trip for something very important. 

"The Alarming Boracay Algae"

After reading this from the very talented, my blog idol Ms. Melanie Entuna, I knew i have to re-blog this.  I wanna help bring awareness to the danger it will bring like the E.Coli threats. Honestly, i have a scheduled trip to boracay this coming July,  and that makes me more concerned about this, plus as i was stalking some   local celebrity in twitter  like Vice Ganda and some friends on the way there, and saw Christine Reyes swimming around with algae at the background. I knew i have to be quick, i might save someone from getting sick. I know I do not have like a hundred or a thousand reader but please if you are reading this. Please help me, share, like how you help bring awareness to the viral video of "KONY 2012" or the "20 Things i dislike about the Philippines". 

Specially if are a Filipino, Help, Let us save lives, Save Boracay. 

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