Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Airport Look for Singapore

Hi Guys, After so long time ago, I am back, and guess what kept me busy for the last century ago? I have been assigned to research, book, reserve and manage the managers only quick trip to Singapore plus the cruising escapade boarding the Royale Caribbean Cruise - Asia - Legend of the Sea Ship. I need to find the inexpensive but clean and decent hotels and airlines, and as for me flying internationally for the first time, it is a not so easy task, but thanks to Ms. Aisa, for her detailed tips and recommended sites makes it a lot easier to find the available hotels in Singapore.

Okay, after that long explanation, here i am back to blogging, and let me parade photos, videos and all of the hardship but very much fun times i been through regarding this trip, so may I also share with you some little tips i learned from it.

Firstly, my airport look, as per you bloggers out there advice, i need to wear the comfiest outfit i have, so i chose my black romper, the fabric is flowy and easy to carry, also with this romper i can twist, turn and pick my things so comfortably without worrying to anyone's specially guys peeking eyes around any place. Then i add a crochet cover for my arms, first thing to take note for any outfits is the weather, so i pick these clothes according to Singapore weather at the time of departure. I also add minimal accessories and the comfiest but sparkling sandals i have.

romper from HK; crochet cover up from kultura; bag from trinoma;

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