Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 1: Sentosa at Night

Just a few hours after arrival through Singapore Airport.  We, 6 from the group, brave enough to try the adventure going to Sentosa without a guide or anyone who knows the hows of going any place at singapore. But maybe that's the fun side of it, we look and act too touristy,  playing and roaming around  from every MRT station we land, up until we reach the Harbourfront Center then walk a "hundred mile" till we reach the Vivo City Mall so we can ride the cable car, I have a lot of stories of how dumb and funny at the same time, how many back and forth, how many laugh at ourselves we had, on how many mistakes and error we experience, how sore our feet from walking without any idea if we are at the right path, and by the way, i also want to thank the many strangers we met along the way that helped us.

So, just in time for all the light is up, we reach the destination, Sentosa, sadly the stores are closing down for the night, nevertheless i fell inlove to the gloomy feel or the peaceful state Sentosa offer for that night. Wish i could stay a little bit longer, but i am with not so young companion, i know they are tired from the long walk. and we have to be at our hotel to sleep early, because tomorrow is another start for new adventures.  


  1. Aww. My ex was just telling me about Santosa the other night. Looks great :) And so do you!

  2. hi,thanks for dropping by.
    Have you been to sentosa?
    i wanna go back, its really pretty at night.