Monday, January 2, 2012

Jump and Fly - Welcoming 2012

white sheer fringed thrifted top, black skinny lee jeans, pointed black suede ferretti shoes, pink meshed islanggirl necklace 

just hours before the year ends . . .
I played around like a kid, jumping , flying and watching the water flows, and i do meditate a little . . .
And it made me realize what a 2011 i had.
I got bruised from my mistakes but learned a lot from them.
Yes I cried, in pain and in sorrow, but i had more memories of laughter with friends and family.

And tomorrow, 
Will be the same, we will cry, we will be bruised again, no promise of betterment
But in every pain there is gain, we will be stronger and smarter every time
Be prepared, Stay positive, Always smile, Cause chances and opportunity awaits us all . .  .
if we know how to open our hearts and mind.

And remember,
God is good, He will never forsake us
So, welcome 2012, I am here,
and I am ready


  1. Beautiful photos and outfit!

  2. Beautiful photos and outfit!

  3. Amazing necklaceeee! :)

    Followed your blog, again! :) I moved to a new home, and I'll appreciate it a lot if you could follow back! :)

    Thank you!


  4. The pictures of you jumping are so cute! :)

    Kisses! xxx