Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things Change

Dear readers,

Hi. You might have noticed that i have change my blog layout, template and design. I tried to simplify everything to highlight the blog post entries. And so far i am loving the plain simple look of it. what do you think, is it better?

And also i wanna organized my post like....

  • I am thinking of adding Inspiration Post (what/who inspires me) once a week, and thinking of doing it every Monday or Sunday, to start the week being inspired. 
  • Secondly, I wanna add a Review of things i bought and product i am using. For my dear readers to have an idea of things and stuff before they too decide to buy one for them.
  • and hmm, what else.... aha! I also want to add a Guest Blogger Post once every month or quarterly maybe, oh! may i persuade someone to do this.
  • Lastly, because i cannot think of anything anymore (for now). I am thinking of having a Giveaway because i am happy i am almost finish in organizing this blog/space/journal of mine.

Guys, Thank you for visiting. Thank you for following. In my deepest heart i thank you.

PS. I also put a footer :) and that wonderful apple image is from


  1. Lovely blog! Check out mineand follow if you like!Feel free to leave a comment as well! :) Kisses! :)

  2. Simple template is always the best! I like your ideas for your blog! xoxoxoo