Saturday, October 29, 2011

Because i cannot sleep tonight

I am bored, i do not know what else to do anymore, or maybe i am too excited for the long weekend where i can relax and i have all the time to sleep later so, welcome me to polyvore, this is my first published set. Simple and comfy look for an afternoon date with the boyfriend.

girly peach

i am not gonna post every set in this blog. if you have time and like this look click HERE


  1. Hello there! am starting to love your blog, you’re so pretty =)) weeeee I love all fashion blogger.. you're such an inspiration. following you already! Hope you will follow my humble blog too..and hope to see more of your post =))

  2. oh gosh this is a beautiful outfit! by the way itsx my first visit here! wish to see more of youu soon! <3