Friday, July 13, 2012

Boracay Photo Diary First Night

Spending time with your closest friend from sunset, dusk until dawn in Boracay is one of the good memories for keeps.  The first night is full of life update followed by emotion overdrive, non-bluffing advice, hard knocking off comments, it could hurt you, but  that is what you just needed, the truth. But after a few more truth be told stories, you end up loving more yourself and thanking you had friends to remind you how sometimes you are being blinded and nearly being stupid. Friends should not only shower you praises, but they sometimes need to knock you in the head then pat you in the shoulder, tell you to move on with a stronger heart and smarter mind. and thank God for good friends.

And that is our first night, we do not party hard, we are more of a talkers and listeners, or maybe we are just getting older and boring.

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  1. I love it when you can just hang out with some friends, talk and relax! Your pictures turned out beautifully! Hope the rest of your trip goes well!