Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big things have small beginnings

date weekend with the dear husband, we seldom go out nowadays, all we do is sleep or watch a movie together at home, or sometimes cleaning or cooking, we do have fun times at home but sometimes it gets boring too. So, one Saturday movie date  is set, hence this outfit shoot.

In details, i love my new pair of boots from Ms. Denise of Shoe Etiquette, its comfy, i think i can pair anything with it, honestly, that is one of my reason that i agree for a date, so, expect more dates, cause i am so happy with it.

And something that keeping me busy is #diy, i made that friendship bracelets and that necklace, i am so proud for my new hobby, i make my own accessories now, how cool right?


  1. Love the purple touch :> love the shoes too :))

  2. the boots are pretty!