Sunday, March 27, 2011

My mama should have a lookbook

Isn't she pretty?
This is a tribute to my ever dearest mama. Today is her 51st  birthday.

Dear Mama,
       As a child I'm always been a papa's girl. When im feeling weak, sick and lonely, i always look for my papa, i dont even want you to touch me. I can easily got angry to you for such petty things, im so unfair i dont listen to what you are saying, actually i always block anything you say, back then for me its just one of your "wooshoo". Im such a hard-headed child, i never listen. Back in my Highschool, i got home late, you are with tears and told me "One day you will have a child who will be just like you". 
        Now mama, after many years, i don't have a child but i realize how hard to be a wife, i think to my self how did you survive? how did you survive having us, having me. To be a mother you have to be courageous, and you always are mama, you keep me,you watched over me, i always shoo you away, but still in my every failure, you ran at my side to cheer me up, to keep me warm in a coldest night. For all the mistake i've done, you never look at me ashamed, instead you always believe in me. I  super thank you po for your braveness, to all your sacrifices to be able to keep us safe, for us to be have a better life. I regret those time i wasted, i wished i have been closer to you. Now hopefully its not too late. I want you to know that, I now appreciate every words you told us when we are younger, its so useful. Your exhaustion will not be worthless. I cannot give you anything you don't already have, but i can promise you. i always will live the way you want us to be., i cannot assure every success but in every failure, i'l remember you, i will remember your smile, your voice, you saying "it will be okay. soon". I will try to be brave cause i want you to be proud of me. I love you mama. words are not enough to thank our mother. 
Happy-happy birthday. 

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