Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 1 : Palawan City Tour - What to wear

So here i am again travelling to some unknown  to me ) places called Puerto Prinsesa , Palawan.  What can i say? . . . I love this town. everything is green, with so many trees, and according to our tour guide, that what is their local government is pursuing, to plant more trees for greener environment, and for that i kudos Hagedorn. He have so many projects through out the year dedicated for environment, Oh Mother Earth would really be so happy. I only hope every politician would do the same. Okay stop being a fan of any politician, this is not a sponsor post anyway.

Lets talk about . . . , what? hmmmm, i don't know what do you want?

My dress? well i bought it from SM department store , i love it, its breezy, it has butterflies and flowers perfect for a day adventure at this green city called Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. Okay, i know its redundant, am i annoying? hope not.

Back to my travel, we visited Plaza Cuartel with some juicy history - i'll tell you on my next post. We also visited a crocodile farm and a little zoo-like where a few kinds of birds dwell , a ranch - where this picture is taken,  and the infamous Bakers Hill where i bought some pasalubong.

till next time then. . .

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